Capybara With A Strawberry Hat

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Step into this world of fun and energy and meet our adorable, adorable Capybara Knitting Kit with Strawberry Hat! This kit brings a touch of freshness and sweetness to your life by combining the goofiness of a Capybara with the sweetness and cuteness of a strawberry.

Come join us on our knitting journey and knit this Capybara with Strawberry Hat with your hands! Let it be a little blessing in your life, adding a sweetness and coziness to your every day.

What's included

  • Marker clasp
  • Crochet hook (2.0mm)
  • Sewing needle
  • Keychain
  • Yarn
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Bubble accessories
  • Crochet pattern as a PDF download
  • Glue strip (exclude glue gun )


About 4.3 in (11cm) tall. As a handmade item, exact size depends on the crocheter.