If you're diving into the world of crochet as a beginner in 2024, there's a plethora of crochet kits to get you started. From comprehensive beginner's sets to thematic subscription boxes, here’s a guide to 30 of the best crochet kits for beginners, including five standout kits from hicrochet.com:

General Crochet Kits

  1. The Ultimate Beginner's Crochet Kit - Includes all the essentials: hooks, yarn, and easy-to-follow instructions for multiple projects.
  2. Boye I Taught Myself to Crochet Kit - Comes with hooks, patterns, and a guide book that introduces you to the basics of crocheting.
  3. Susan Bates Learn to Crochet Kit - This kit provides hooks, a gauge ruler, and detailed instructions for left and right-handed crafters.
  4. Loops and Threads Learn to Crochet Kit - Ideal for those with some supplies already, it focuses on teaching you how to crochet with minimal tools.
  5. Hejin Crochet Kit for Beginners - A fun kit for crafting amigurumi whales, complete with hooks, yarn, and video tutorials.
  6. Crochet 101 Kit for Beginners - A comprehensive set that allows you to undertake six beginner projects with detailed digital instructions.
  7. Cinnamoroll™ Crochet Kit - Offers a delightful experience with its easy-to-follow video tutorials and custom-made yarn for beginners.
  8. ZMAAGG Beginners Crochet Kit - Equipped with tools, accessories, and tutorials to help you start your crochet journey.
  9. Crochet Bag Kit by LionBrand - A simple project kit for making a stylish bag, perfect for practical use.

Subscription Boxes

  1. Hooked on Socks Box by The Leither Co. - Monthly themes keep this sock-crocheting subscription box exciting and fresh.
  2. Plumberry Striped Afghan Club - Receive everything needed to crochet a beautiful afghan with each subscription installment.

Kits from Hicrochet.com

  1. Beginner's Dream Kit - Contains varied yarn colors, multiple hook sizes, and a project book tailored for the novice.
  2. Easy Peasy Starter Kit - Features user-friendly instructions, basic supplies, and several simple project ideas.
  3. Kids’ Crochet Adventure Kit - Designed with children in mind, this kit includes vibrant yarns and fun, easy projects.
  4. Elegant Scarves Crochet Kit - Perfect for crafting beautiful scarves, complete with luxurious yarns and decorative patterns.
  5. Amigurumi Magic Kit - Dive into the world of amigurumi with this kit that includes everything to create adorable stuffed creatures.
  1. Starter Set from Red Heart - Comes with multiple hooks and an instruction book with over thirty projects.
  2. BCMrun LED Crochet Hooks Set - Features ergonomically designed hooks with built-in lights for easy crocheting in any light conditions.
  3. Faux Fade Wrap Crochet Kit - Offers a multi-colored wrap project with only simple crochet skills required, making it ideal for beginners.
  4. Beginner Crochet Washcloth Kit - Teaches you to crochet a washcloth, a perfect starter project to learn basic stitches.
  5. Beginner's Crochet Necklace Kit - An excellent first project to get into smaller crochet projects, including all materials and tutorials.
  6. Woobles Beginner Kit - Known for their pre-started kits which make the initial steps easier, including comprehensive video guides.
  7. 4M Crochet Art Kit - A versatile kit that allows you to make three different items, perfect for learning various techniques.
  8. CraftBud Crochet Starter Kit - This extensive set includes 15 spools of yarn and 21 crochet hooks, plus all the essential accessories.
  9. Lion Brand Yarn 600-885 Beginner Crochet Scarf Kit - Includes everything you need to crochet your own scarf, with simple instructions.
  10. Mira Handcrafts Complete Crochet Kit - Features a wide variety of yarn, hooks, and all necessary tools to start crocheting right away.
  11. Toft UK Animal Kit - Dive into the world of amigurumi with these delightful animal crochet kits, complete with pure wool yarn.
  12. Blue Star Crochet Company 'Beginner's Kit' - Contains premium yarns and project books specifically designed for those new to crochet.
  13. Darn Good Yarn Beginner Crochet Kit - Focuses on ethical, sustainable materials and includes online classes with each kit.
  14. Knit Picks Learn to Crochet Beginner Kit: Dishcloth - Designed to teach all the foundational skills through the creation of practical dishcloths.

Each of these kits provides the tools and instructions necessary to embark on your crochet journey, ensuring you have a rewarding and creative crafting experience. Whether you choose a general kit or a specialized one from Hicrochet.com, you're equipped to start creating with confidence and ease.

These kits have been selected to offer a variety of projects and skill-building opportunities, helping beginners gain confidence and proficiency in crochet. Each one provides all the tools and instructions needed to start your journey in the craft of crochet, ensuring a supportive and enjoyable learning experience.


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