Hand Crochet Kit Cute Walking Puppy

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These puppies are more than just static decorations, they have an amazing ability - they walk! Through clever mechanical design, they are able to walk on their little legs in a lifelike imitation of a real dog's gait. At the touch of a button, they come to life, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Let the hand-knitted cute walking puppies accompany you through every wonderful moment. Whether on the table, on a shelf, or as a playmate for your child, they will be a faithful companion in your life. Make your daily life more interesting and fulfilling!

What's included

  • Marker clasp        
  • Crochet hook (2.0mm) 
  • Sewing needle    
  • Yarn
  • Glue strip
  • Eye accessories
  • Little bell
  • Walking base accessories
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Crochet pattern as a PDF download

About 3.1 in (8 cm) tall . As a handmade item, exact size depends on the crocheter.