Frog Rally Car Crochet Kit

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Product Overview:

  • Adorable Design: Inspired by the combination of a frog and a wind-up car, the finished product is not only cute but also fun. It is perfect as a decorative item or a unique gift for friends. 🎁🐸
  • High-Quality Materials: The kit includes all necessary materials, featuring high-quality eco-friendly cotton yarn. The yarn is vibrant, soft, durable, and colorfast, ensuring a lasting beautiful finish. 🌈🌿
  • Detailed Tutorials: We provide detailed crochet patterns and video tutorials. From basic stitches to complex sections, every step is clearly explained to ensure all users can complete the project smoothly. 📚🎥
  • Complete Tools: The kit contains all the tools you need: a crochet hook, stuffing, plastic needle, eye decorations, and other accessories. You don’t need to purchase any additional tools to complete the project. 🧵🧸
  • Suitable for All Ages: This kit is perfect for adults, and children can also enjoy the fun of crocheting under parental guidance, improving their manual skills and concentration. 👨‍👩‍👧🎨

What's included:

  • Marker clasp       
  • Crochet hook (2.0mm) 
  • Sewing needle    
  • Keychain   
  • Yarn
  • Stuffing
  • Eye accessories
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Car base
  • Crochet pattern as a PDF download
  • Glue strip (exclude glue gun )  

Usage Scenarios

  • Home Leisure: Spend your free time making a unique wind-up pig car, adding fun to your home life. 🏡😊
  • Parent-Child Interaction: Enjoy crafting with your child, spending quality time together, and fostering creativity and manual skills. 👩‍👧💕
  • Gift Making: Create a one-of-a-kind handmade gift to express your heartfelt feelings to friends or family. 🎁❤️
  • Craft Enthusiasts: As an interesting craft project, enrich your collection of handmade items. 🧶✨