Big-Eyed Frog Coin Purse Crochet Kit

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In a small crochet kit lies an adorable big-eyed frog, more than just a practical coin purse, but a story filled with joy and creativity.🐸

In today's fast-paced world, we often overlook the small surprises and beauties around us. This crochet kit was born out of a love for nature and life, as well as a deep passion for craftsmanship. 🎨✨

What's included 

  • Marker clasp
  • Crochet hook(2.0 mm)
  • Stuffing   
  • Keychain
  • Yarn
  • Sewing needles and fine sewing needles
  • Glue strip (exclude glue gun )   
  • Wallet Accessories
  • Eye accessories
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Crochet pattern as a PDF download

sum up

This frog coin purse story isn't just about yarn and crochet hooks; it's a reflection of each creator's love for life and creativity. Let's rediscover the charm of craftsmanship through this small crochet project and make every everyday item unique! 🌿🌈


Big Frog Wallet about 9 inches (23 cm) tall and 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) wide.

Little Frog Wallet about 4.7 inches (12 cm) tall and 3.9 inches (10 cm) wide. As it is handmade, the exact size depends on the crocheter.